Sunday 19 December 2021

In which Chris Packham uses a phrase Sir Lenny Henry and the BBC now object to

I may have dined out on this story before, but my encounter with Chris Packham was when he appeared at Morecambe's fabulous Platform and, much as I enjoyed his performance, I found it unbearably hot in there and fainted - the only time I've ever fainted - and got carried out. 

[I'd had a huge pizza and more than a bottle of wine at Frankie and Benny's beforehand, which may not have helped].

I revived enough to see Chris looking concerned as I was borne out into the foyer.

It's my main claim to fame. 

Also, one of my close friends has two autistic children, and I really feel for her. She really has a lot on her hands with them.

So I feel I need to help plug Chris Packham's latest tweet here: 
Looking to meet other autistic people for my new BBC series . Very keen to hear from Black , Asian or minority ethnic autistic people , older autistic people diagnosed as children & autistic parents of autistic children . Please get in touch here

My friend doesn't fall into any of those categories, being neither BAME, nor 'older autistic', nor autistic herself.

I'm worried for Chris though. Despite him doing the recently popular BBC virtue-signalling thing and putting BAME people first among those he wants to speak to, he could still find himself in trouble with the BBC.

He's still thinking through the outmoded, so-yesterday, snowflake-melting filter of the 'BAME' concept, despite the BBC recently banning the term 'BAME' after Sir Lenny Henry CBE - via a report - told the BBC to stop using the phrase and they, in typical BBC fashion, duly curtsied and bowed to Sir Lenny-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed.

So Chris needs to be careful and mind his Ps and Qs [Peregrine falcons and Quail].

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