Thursday 2 December 2021

Antisemitism on Oxford Street - continued

I see that the disturbing antisemitic attack in Oxford Street is being covered widely - by the Daily Telegraph, ITV News, LBC, i News, Metro, the London Evening Standard, the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror. I cannot find anything about it, however, on the BBC News website, not even on its London page, nor on any of its national or local TV news programmes. 

Meanwhile, actress Tracy-Ann Oberman has tweeted, ''I know I’m not only one affected by this. I know thousands of you are furious hurt & upset. Jews are NOT victims. But we need allies. We need citizens & media & the Met police and the Mayor of London and political commentators to call this out. DONT NORMALISE JEW HATE. All evil follows,'' which drew this response from former London MEP Lance Forman:
Decades of anti-Israel bias at the BBC has not helped. It has encouraged journalists from all MSM. Tracy - please help campaign for the BBC to release the Balen Report into its anti-Israel bias and has spent half a million to keep the report from public exposure.

Update: 3:17pm  After posting this at 5.15am before heading off to work, I see that Boris Johnson tweeted at 9:36am, ''This is disturbing footage. Racism of any kind will never be tolerated in our society and we will continue to do all we can to root it out.'' 

That made it almost impossible for the BBC not to report this, but  even so - as far as I can see - it still took till 2:45pm for the BBC News website to post a report about it, and as of now it's nowhere on their homepage or their UK page, though it presently leads their England page. 

Unless I'm missing something, the BBC News website appears very reluctant to give this story any prominence whatsoever.  

And the report itself by the BBC's Harry Farley is wholly evasive about what kind of ''men'' were attacking the bus in what it calls an ''alleged anti-Semitic incident'' but is perfectly clear in saying that ''some racial slurs about Muslims'' can be heard from inside the bus. 

There's a lot going on here. 

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