Tuesday 7 December 2021

The BBC DOES carry adverts - for itself

That tendency for BBC News bulletins to act as advertising boards for other BBC TV shows has manifested itself again. Bill Rogers at trading as wdr has an interesting titbit for us concerning one such plug on the News at Ten:
"The BBC's Alan Yentob" is again on the reporting beat across all BBC News outlets. He's flown to Santa Monica, in California, to meet his son's godfather, Mel Brooks, who has his autobiography "All About Me" out in time for Christmas. 
Presumably, the BBC's News commissioners believe there's something new for audiences to discover. Mr Brooks' film The Producers, has been shown on the BBC 13 times; Young Frankenstein 10 times, and Blazing Saddles 14 times. On the BBC 10pm News, presenter Huw Edwards directed us to a longer version of Mr Yentob's feature, to be shown on the BBC News Channel on New Year's Eve.

I like all of those Mel Brooks films.

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