Tuesday 21 December 2021

Contrasting headlines

There's breaking news this afternoon, and some media outlets are emphasising and de-emphasising certain aspects of it, each according to their tastes.
The Daily Telegraph goes with a bare factual headline naming the murdered MP and the accused:
The Times names the murdered MP and the accused, and adds a court drawing of the accused:
The Guardian goes with the name of the accused and a court drawing of the accused, but doesn't mention the murdered MP's name:
Sky News mentions the murdered MP's name and doesn't name the accused, using 'Man' instead, but features a photo of the accused:
And the BBC gives the name of the murdered MP but doesn't give the name of the accused, also instead going with 'Man', and doesn't feature a court drawing of the accused, using a photo of the murdered MP instead:
It looks as if the BBC is trying to not highlight a particular aspect of the story, doesn't it?

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