Wednesday 8 December 2021

Nick has HIS say

Here's Nick Robinson saying something nice about former BBC colleague/Newnight political editor Allegra Stratton in her hour of need:

Of course, he's also saying that as a transparent sneer about Boris Johnson's 'apology' in the Commons today. 

All in all, he's, as ever, being quite free with his opinions today on Twitter. Here's another:
“Never apologise. Never explain” has long been Boris Johnson ’s watchword. He has now apologised & he has explained … that it was all someone else fault. He’s threatened those who work for him with disciplinary action. Those who trash their staff often live to regret it. 

I think he's right, but I don't he should be saying it as an impartial BBC reporter. But, as we know, that ship has already sailed for good, like the Titanic.

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