Friday 10 December 2021

Barely even half the story

A black American actor is found guilty of faking a white supremacist hate crime against himself. The two men he paid to stage the attack are black themselves. All manner of senior Democrats fell for the hoax, including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Joe Biden tweeted, ''We are with you Jussie'' and Kamala Harris called it ''an attempted modern day lynching''. And Black Lives Matter [BLM] called his trial a “white supremacist charade”. 

It's interesting how little of the above you'll find in the BBC's account of the verdicts on Jussie Smollett this morning. In fact, the only bit of all that they do report is that he's been found guilty! 

This is another example of how the BBC - like so many of their US counterparts - ''use the lens of race on every story, until the colours change''. Once again, they've ''turned the race filter off'' - or at least massively turned it down.

This video from comedian Dave Chapelle from 2019 - with some strong language - was true then and is true now, and very funny too. It puts BLM's inflammatory response in clear context:

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