Wednesday 24 November 2021

The lens of race

I doubt he's a BBC favourite, but Fox News's Greg Gutfeld puts the reporting of the Waukesha, Wisconsin parade killings like this:

It's stories like these that show you how the media works. They use the lens of race on every story, until the colours change. And that's because the lens of race only curves in one direction. Which makes one think that maybe the lens shouldn't be used at all. Because when a story like this appears involving a black suspect they turn the race filter off. Which shows you that they don't report reality, they only create it when it suits them.   

The BBC have certainly turned the race filter off. And they have studiously avoided the black suspect's  extraordinary cocktail of racist views and extreme political opinions too, with none of the urgent poring over his past social media comments that marked BBC reporting at the same point of time in the aftermath of similar incidents such as the Charlottesville attack by a white supremacist

As discussed on the open thread, it literally took 16 hours for the BBC to get round to naming the suspect - some 7 hours after CAB posted the name here at ITBB. 

As I said at the time, it seems to be important for many media outlets these days to go out of their way to NOT report what's happening.

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