Friday 19 November 2021

Occam's Razor

The media, especially the BBC, have disgraced themselves over the Liverpool bombing. 

Was there any sensible person when the 'Christian convert' element to the story first broke who didn't instantly think, 'Well, he's obviously reverted back to being a Muslim again or he wouldn't have done what he did'? 

Using Occam's Razor, the likeliest explanation was always that his Remembrance Sunday attack had an Islamist inspiration, especially given the methods used and the likely targets. 

And yet, following reports in various newspapers, the BBC especially went overboard in shoving the phrase 'Christian convert' and mentioning 'his' Christianity in report after report

Unlike those various newspapers however - most of whom added caveats, even in their initial reporting, about how police were still considering an Islamist angle, and who also then went on to report concerns that many 'asylum seekers' were faking conversions to Christianity purely to help their asylum bids [the BBC did eventually post a piece about this - downplaying those concerns], and who broke the news that the perpetrator went to mosque to pray every day during Ramadan this year and went to mosque the week before his terror attack - the BBC has stuck to its 'Christian convert' line like a limpet.

And with the news that he regularly prayed in a mosque this year the story has vanished overnight from the home page of the BBC News website. I can't see that they're even reporting that. 

The whole thing smacks of misdirection by the BBC.

Update, 11.25:  There's a new report on the BBC News website, Liverpool bomb: Homemade device used ball bearings as shrapnel, police say. Again, the descriptor is ''Christian convert Al Swealmeen''. 

Update, 14.20: It's always good to have Col Richard Kemp saying the same thing:
Col Richard KempThe BBC should drop the fiction that this Islamist terrorist was a Christian convert. That was subterfuge; part of a criminal effort to avoid deportation. Repeating it as fact serves only to obfuscate his motives.

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