Thursday 4 November 2021

Not talking about Sir David Amess

I was watching a fascinating YouTube video the other day - an UnHerd interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali about how 'wokeness is a gift to Islamism. It began with presenter Freddie Sayers recalling the murder of Sir David Amess MP on 15 October before saying:
Have you noticed how it's barely talked about already? It seems strange that after such a momentous event it would be passed over so quickly. Now part of it is to do with the suspect, Ali Harbi Ali, having been charged so the media outlets are understandably wary about interfering with an ongoing court process. But, if we're honest, there's also a wariness to say what this really appears to be, which is an incident of Islamist terrorism on our shores.
Checking TVEyes, The last time any of BBC One's main news bulletins mentioned David Amess's name was on Thursday 28 October's-News at Ten - a very brief mention near the end of the bulletin - and the previous occasion was almost a week earlier on Friday 22 October's News at Ten.
BBC London's local news programmes have mentioned the late MP's dog being named Westminster dog of the year, but the main time they focused on his murder recently was on Sunday 31 October's Politics London where they discussed how 'the Somali community is suffering the fallout from the murder of Sir David Davis', how his murder has been 'a trigger event' that's 'instilled fear in the Somali community' - the familiar 'backlash' angle, a very BBC angle.

The contrast with the media's behaviour after the murder of Jo Cox is striking.

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