Sunday 7 November 2021

Her Majesty

Here's Jeremy Clarkson, in today's The Sunday Times:
Greta Thunberg is now kayaking back to the Swedish port where she left her bicycle, having spent the week outside a conference centre in Glasgow, swearing a lot and being interviewed by BBC journalists who fawned like they were soap stars being introduced to the Queen. They didn’t call the annoying little bucket of ego, “Your majesty”, but you could see they were thinking it.
Meanwhile, here's what you've been missing this week if you don't watch BBC drama. This comes from the BBC's Holby City. [I spotted it via TVEyes]:. 
Mum: Hey, Sammy boy!
Doctor: Aw, there he is! Birthday boy! I like your hat.
Boy in hospital bed with COP26 hat: Thanks.
Doctor: Looks like we need your help on the ward. We have to make a poster about climate change.
Boy: We need action, not posters.
Doctor: Oh, OK, Holby's very own Greta Thunberg, eh?
Mum: Sammy's going to be a climate campaigner like Chris Packham when he grows up.

I'm so glad I don't watch BBC dramas. 

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