Sunday 14 November 2021

And the BBC too

I'd urge you to read Andrew Sullivan's latest piece When All The Media Narratives Collapse: In case after case, the US MSM just keeps getting it wrong

It's a gripping long read - a masterly digest and indictment of the failings on the US media in recent years. 

And, reading it, I spotted that many of Andrew's examples were ones where the BBC followed the US media's lead hook, line and sinker and got it wrong too. 

In fact, the BBC is often as 'guilty as charged' as the US media. 

Just one example is the 'Covington Boys' story. It's one I think we covered well.

As with that recent BBC News website article shamelessly shifting the blame away from the BBC itself as far as the Trump/Russia 'Peegate' nonsense goes, please just re-read our posts about the 'Covington Boys' story, and Jon Sopel's incredibly slippery semi-mea culpa. 

I think a similar review of the BBC is needed, maybe heardline When All The BBC's Narratives Collapse: In case after case, the BBC just keeps getting it wrong.

Update -  A link that doesn't take you to a paywall subscription has now been added.

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