Sunday 14 November 2021

You can lead a horse to water

The BBC News (UK) Twitter feed has been hyperactively tweeting about climate change for weeks. Today they even tweeted the same piece about Greta Thunberg 3 times within 14 hours. Other sites have been tracking the phenomenon that however much the BBC pushes this story the public remains stubbornly unwilling to read it. COP26 stories have dominated their news website too but rarely featured among the Most Read. I see that the Most Read story at the moment is the one I'm also most interested in - the news about a deadly explosion outside a Liverpool hospital that might be a terrorist incident. The BBC website has it in sixth place while ITV is leading with it. 

Update [19.40] - The BBC has bumped the Liverpool hospital bombing to the top story now. There's been a furious Twitter outcry from Liverpudlians about how the story would have been the main story earlier if it had happened in London.

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