Sunday 14 November 2021

'Having to explain journalism to [BBC] idiots'

The BBC's very own culture war broke out into the open this week. 

The Sunday Times reports that during an “extremely hostile” Zoom meeting outgoing BBC Head of News Fran Unsworth told staff from the BBC’s Pride network, “You’ll hear things you don’t personally like and see things you don’t like — that’s what the BBC is, and you have to get used to that. These are the stories we tell. We can’t walk away from the conversation.”

The Sunday Times has quite the quote from a 'BBC source': “Fran was totally calm but determined about it. She was reacting to questions from the network that implied people shouldn’t come across views they disliked. To me, it felt like she was having to explain journalism to idiots.”

One member of staff told Tim Davie, who was also present, that he was “not in a position to make decisions on this issue, because he’s not trans” while another said the BBC was “institutionally transphobic.”

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