Thursday 30 December 2021


Well, here it is - at last. If you look hard enough...

The media, especially the BBC, have disgraced themselves over the Liverpool bombing.
Was there any sensible person when the 'Christian convert' element to the story first broke who didn't instantly think, 'Well, he's obviously reverted back to being a Muslim again or he would have done what he did'?
Using Occam's Razor, the likeliest explanation was always that his Remembrance Sunday attack had an Islamist inspiration, especially given the methods used and the likely targets. 
And yet, following reports in various newspapers, the BBC especially went overboard in shoving the phrase 'Christian convert' and mentioning 'his' Christianity in report after report.
Today, right down in the closing paragraphs [paragraphs 34-37 out of 37 paragraphs] of a long BBC News website report headlined Liverpool bomber made device with murderous intent, coroner says, the BBC finally got round to reporting the blindingly obvious - an 'obvious' they've long gone out of their way to avoid reporting:
Mr Rebello [the senior coroner] said there had been reports Al Swealmeen had rejected Islam and converted to Christianity. 
Det Ch Insp Meeks agreed with the coroner that he might have converted to strengthen his asylum claim. 
The inquest heard a Koran and prayer mat were found when police searched his premises. 
Mr Rebello said: "It was fairly evident that he carried out the religious duties of someone who is a follower of Islam, not withstanding the reported conversion to Christianity."

You don't say! 

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