Sunday 5 December 2021

Like shooting fish in a barrel

A piece in The Mail on Sunday today is going to make me use a contemporary phrase I've never used before: The absolute state of...Jon Sopel! 

How the BBC has fallen since the days of sober reporters like Charles Wheeler. Here instead is the BBC's outgoing North America editor openly admitting to have been ''almost hyperventilating'' every day in the early days of the Trump presidency. [Yes, Jon, we noticed].

And, to be fair, from this piece he's still ''almost hyperventilating'' about it:
It was 1930s Berlin rolled up with the decadent end of the Roman Empire. Every day was a Bacchanalian orgy of stories, backbiting, sackings, leaks, fury and indignation. And chaos.
To save you having to read it all, his whole MoS piece can be boiled down to this: Trump was so exciting! Biden's boring! 

The opening sentence of the top-rated comment below the article sums up my reaction to a tee:
You only find Biden dull because you're a lazy journalist.

Indeed, the Biden-Harris administration should be an absolute gift for inquiring journalists. I'm finding it fascinating, like watching a building collapse.

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