Wednesday 3 July 2013

Further Reading

Finally, here's a short selection of takes on Stuart Prebble's report from across the online newspapers.

Helen Boaden (of all people)'s admission of what a lot of people already assumed is proving a popular angle, understandably - and makes for headlines that are unlikely to be what the BBC Trust was hoping for!

Daily Mail: BBC's 'deep liberal bias' prevented it from reflecting public views on immigration, says former corporation news director

Now these newspapers all make the review sound much more damning that it really is.

The papers realise, however, that it's former BBC's News boss Helen Boaden's admission that's the killer quote - hence most of them leading with it.

Rather revealingly, the BBC News website's own take on the story completely fails to mention Helen Boaden's statement about the BBC's "deep liberal bias" over immigration - which suggests to me that they also realise that it's a killer quote. 

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