Thursday 4 July 2013

Nigel Farage on the BBC

UKIP leader Nigel Farage is not overly impressed with Stuart Prebble's review into the BBC's record of impartiality over immigration, the EU and religion. He's far less impressed though with the BBC's "shameful" response to the review.  He lays out his reasoning in an article for the Daily Telegraph

The passage which stood out for me was the following, which places his own part in the story in a way that strikes me as being shrewdly judged:
I acknowledge that there has been a significant improvement in the quantity of coverage of those with an anti-EU point of view. But there are still many occasions when the BBC will say to me, “Well, if you can’t do it Nigel, then we won’t cover it”, despite being offered perfectly able and competent replacements. I have become a BBC totem in some ways (just think of all those Question Time appearances). But, and this is the point, I am not the Eurosceptic movement. I am merely one man, and the broad mass of the population is hardly represented by me. Opinion poll after opinion poll shows those who wish to leave the EU are the majority, yet if were to judge by the BBC, you would get the impression it was just me. I am the get-out clause. “Well we had Nigel on,” they will trumpet. 

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