Wednesday 3 July 2013

Yes, the BBC is biased over gun control

Here's an extract from today's report from Stuart Prebble that certainly rings true:
I believe that many people listening to or watching the BBC in recent months would infer from its coverage that the BBC is in favour of gun control in America. This does not mean that opponents of gun control are not given airtime on the BBC but that, when they are, it seems to me that they are likely to be challenged in a manner which is different from the way that proponents are treated. This happens, I suggest, because of what we could call “an assumed consensus” within which we make editorial judgements – as evidenced by the Today programme presenter who declared in an interview on 23 February that “the British people are bemused by the anti-gun control argument in the US”. All our instincts tell us that having fewer guns in circulation must be a good thing, and so (to a greater or lesser extent) the BBC treats as eccentrics anyone who takes a different view.

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