Wednesday 11 June 2014

BBC Complaints & the cookie cutter

In response to my complaint...
Please could explain why a BBC World Service journalist Irena Taranyuk made a negative comment about Nigel Farage on today's Dateline London
She described UKIP's success in the European elections as "a worrying sign because of what Nigel Farage said about Putin, about immigrants, about Romanians rather unguardedly."
She also talked about "the mainstream European parties" losing ground and said, "But let's hope that the European voice will be strong in Ukraine and in Russia because, even though they will lose ground, they'll still be pretty strong as a force to stop Russia from further expansionism."
Why is a BBC journalist telling us that Nigel Farage's success is "worrying", and saying "Let's hope" with regards to the parliamentary strength of mainstream pro-European parties in the EU? 
Is she freelance? Is she allowed to be biased?
I don't pay my license fee to pay the wages of biased BBC journalists. 
...came this cooker-cutter reply from the BBC: 
Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding BBC News' coverage of the recent European Parliament and local elections.
We have received a wide range of feedback about our coverage of these elections. Bearing in mind the pressure on licence fee resources, the following response strives to address the majority of concerns raised but we apologise in advance if not all of the specific points you have mentioned have been answered in the manner you prefer.
The BBC has very clear guidelines to ensure that political parties receive a fair and appropriate level of coverage during an election campaign and our editors are required to follow them carefully. On that basis, and in line with other major broadcasters, the BBC gave UKIP a similar level of coverage to the Liberal Democrats, Labour and the Conservatives in the European elections. With that coverage however came a high degree of scrutiny. The views and policies of UKIP and its members were examined and challenged in depth by several senior BBC interviewers including John Humphrys on 'Today', Jeremy Paxman on 'Newsnight' and Andrew Neil on the 'Sunday Politics.' On each occasion, we believe the interviews were conducted fairly and impartially.
Some viewers have expressed a concern that they did not see any UKIP representatives in the studio during our results specials. We did invite UKIP representatives to take part in the studio and down the line at various points in the programme. UKIP were unable to send a representative to the studio overnight on Thursday 22nd, but we did speak to many party representatives from our outside broadcasts. On Friday 23rd, UKIP sent a representative to the studio and they were included on our panel for much of the afternoon, including during the announcement of the projected national share.
We take our obligation to provide fair and impartial coverage very seriously and we are confident that our reporting of the local and European elections was balanced, proportionate and in line with our editorial guidelines. 
Kind Regards
BBC Complaints
I suspected some of who will get something similar if you complained about UKIP-related matters during the recent elections.

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