Sunday 8 June 2014

England, my England

So much to drone on about, so little time. 

Tom Shakespeare's A Point of View, Bring back the Heptarchy! (written up here), is very much a Radio 4 'point of view', pro-EU and unsympathetic to the concept of England as a unified, sovereign country.

We're still at the stage where Roger Scruton is the only right-winger to host this programme in the past four years. What does that say about BBC impartiality? 

Tom, who has a degree in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic [though that doesn't stop him repeatedly banging on about science and 'scientism'], trots out the old 'hippy' view of the Vikings, dreams of us being a Nordic-style "egalitarian" and "progressive" nation, disses us traditionalists as people who want to root the country in the Dark Ages, dismisses U.S. right-wingers and people here who dislike wind turbines [just nimbies], claims people in the North East "are itching for their bit of home rule" [obviously forgetting the overwhelming ANTI vote when that proposition was put to them in a referendum a few years back], attacks Switzerland as "reactionary and anti-immigrant", and ends with a paean to the European Union. 

Anyhow, his vision of a seven-nation England gives us in North Lancashire over to North Eastern rule. I ain't being ruled from Sedgefield by Life President Blair and his Perpetual Republic of Labour Rule for anything. 

Cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George!

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