Monday 2 June 2014

BBC Website 'fesses up to bias at last. Against Trotskyists.

The Butcher of Kronstadt, having a bad hair day 

I'm staggered. Truly staggered. The BBC News website has posted a piece about BBC bias. 

Yes, really.

Is it a complaint from a UKIP supporter? No. An English Democrat supporter? Hardly. A Conservative supporter? Dream on. A Lib Dem supporter? Nope. Rosemary the telephone operator? No. Surely not a Labour supporter then? Er, no. 

So who? Who could it possibly be?

Well, a Trotskyist, that's who:
Socialist Equality Party's Chris Marsden on BBC bias
9 hours ago
A European election candidate claimed his only BBC TV interview ahead of the 22 May polls "demonstrated bias" and appeared to suggest socialists were in favour of persecuting journalists.
Chris Marsden from the Socialist Equality Party was referring to a Citizen Smith reference at the end of his Daily Politics appearance on 21 May with Giles Dilnot.
He later spoke to Jo Coburn about his party's policies, and its bid to represent the working class. And he said of his earlier interview: "Your viewers deserve better".
Chris should think himself lucky. The BBC could, after all,  be run by Trotskyists. 

He'll know how Trotsky dealt with sailors, soldiers and civilians during the Kronstadt rebellion. That fate could have befallen him too. 

Thankfully for him, Jo Coburn is no Leon Trotsky. 

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  1. Mary Huckleberry10 June 2014 at 00:19

    I can not imagine, that Craig realy is interested in the fate of the ordinary working people, nor that he has ever seriously studied the writings of L. Trotsky or his struggle against stalinism.


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