Sunday 1 June 2014

Start Up Nation

A whole episode devoted to Israel was broadcast this afternoon on BBC News 24  in the ‘Click’ series. I imagine that was down to the recent visit there by  the BBC’s technology correspondent,  Rory Cellan-Jones.

A feast of amazing Israeli innovations; a sparkling televisual representation of the kind of inventions and technical achievements regularly featured on Very Good News from Israel
At the moment of writing the appropriate BBC’s server is down, so I can’t link. The presenter referred to Israel as “The Start Up Nation”, which is the name of a book . You can also get it as a free download. A couple of thoughts immediately sprang to mind. 

  1. A thaw in the BBC’s relentless demonisation of Israel? 
  2. One in the eye for the BDS brigade. Boycott that lot you losers.

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