Sunday 31 January 2016

I put it all down to clean living and plenty of roughage

It's been a bit depressing in recent years to see a definite trend emerging - the urge for masses of people on social media to instantly speak ill of the dead. 

Instantly speaking ill of the dead has become very fashionable - almost as fashionable as taking offence at everything.

Hopefully this unpleasant fad will pass very quickly.

Still, at least no one can speak ill of Sir Terry Wogan - or at least you'd hope! 

His death has just been announced this morning, so R.I.P. Sir Terry.

A lot of people liked you for a very long time (including my mum and dad). And you were much funnier than Graham Norton on The Eurovision Song Contest. And, in my salad days, I even liked The Floral Dance. (Yes, I've always been hip).

And here's one of your anecdotes
Many years ago Terry Wogan said he had just returned from a holiday in Ireland. Visiting some friends and making conversation with the taxi driver, he said it was a long drive. 
The taxi driver replied: "Sure, but if it wasn't as long it wouldn't reach the house"!!


Andrew Marr was jolly quick-thinking this morning. Within a minute or so of the announcement, he'd already crafted and broadcast this short poem:
So farewell, Tel. 
That news is fell.
A man of wit, and sparkle, and heft.
TOGs everywhere feel bereft.
Surely this makes him the odds-on favourite to replace Carol Ann Duffy as poet laureate?


  1. Yes we remember you well dear Terry,
    Your voice melodic, your persona so merry.
    But the fee you agreed
    For Children in Need -
    At £90 grand -
    Was - ah but to speak ill of the dead is banned.

  2. I'm sorry - I'm sorry I have no wish to speak ill of the dead but what do you do when the MSM are peddling lies?

    They are referring to Wogan's work with Children in Need as though it was charitable when in reality he was being paid £1,300 per hour while musicians and others were waiving their fees:


  3. AS the great line in "The Green Mile" says-Terry is now "square with the house".
    A big link to many lives and friends past and present...and a great wordsmith, genuinely decent.
    Hope the fools don`t push the dreadful Children In Need en passant...incorrigible pretexts to tap the poor for money to fund Lenworth Henrys Premier Inn bed reinforcers.
    After Savile-we`re all cagey about heaping praise on any BBC talent that passes-but , by my reckoning, a decent cove.


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