Sunday 3 January 2016

It seems odd...

This is a fair point, as far as I can see, from Quentin Letts (the BBC Trust's 'very naughty boy') on Twitter:


  1. More than odd.

    as far as i can make out the choices are:

    a) It happened as he says

    b) Something happened but he embellished

    c) It was his 'Hillary under sniper' fire moment

    However the only reports I have seen have been the Mail and, oddly, Graun and Indy tweets used in RT by their readership saying this all proves his bonkers.

    What no one, so far, including the BBC seems to have done is check further, especially with the French police.

    Why not?

    Or, rather. Pourquoi pas?

  2. It seems a rather important question whether it's a, b or c. If a, we might be in Thorpeland again. Surely this needs investigating further.

    The BBC's silences are often more outrageous than their prejudices.

  3. Just noting this seems to have quietly passed by without further comment, or investigation either way, from any media, pro or con.


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