Saturday 9 January 2016

Talking of Jenny Hill...

In it you'll hear from one of the victims of the attacks in Cologne, Michelle, who Jenny quotes saying, "It would be wrong to blame refugees. They need our help", which is followed by Jenny herself saying, "Many here fear a violent backlash against the 4,000 asylum-seekers living in Cologne."

You'll also hear from a young, male Iraqi refugee "with striking green eyes" who enthusiastically declares his gratitude to Mrs Merkel and his love for Germany but becomes sad when reminded of the attacks. "I'm so sorry this has happened," he says. "But Iraqi and Syrian men are good people". Jenny wistfully wonders if his hopes that his mother and brother will soon join him might not happen now.

And her closing section is just as wistful:
It feels like a long time since Angela Merkel told Germany it could cope with the vast number of migrants arriving. Back then, so many were impressed by her moral direction. Germany was, she argued, a rich stable country with much to offer. 
But I think of those fragile flowers left at the cathedral - delicate petals in a harsh winter wind.

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  1. Just your mother and brother? Why not bring over Uncle Ahmed while you're about, and a couple of cousins?

    Mrs Merkel's impressive moral direction? One can't help feeling that Jenny Hill (remember that crazy end-time rapture grin on her face when she was literally welcoming the Sharia followers to Germany at the Berlin train station?)was among those who "were impressed by her moral direction". I - and a majority of the British people according to the polls - think it was moral dereliction of duty on Merkel's part. But of course our voice doesn't count on the BBC.


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