Monday 18 January 2016

'Out Of Office' message

Sorry for the lack of posts at the moment. Hopefully normal business will resume within the next week or so.

In the mean time, here's former FA boss David Davies and some girl...


  1. What a fatuous article on the BBC News website:

    It appears to be based on the premise that the non-Muslim population's view of the Muslim part is based on laughable ignorance.

    This curious claim is made early on in the article:

    "You can take your pick of popular myths and misconceptions about Muslims in the UK - that their numbers are going through the roof, they're all would-be extremists, that Britain's prisons are filling up fast with convicted terrorists."

    The first alleged "misconception" - that the Muslim population is "going through the roof" is well supported by the article itself(!) which shows that in just one decade the population rose 75% (from 1.55 million in 2001 to 2.71 million in 2011). If the population of the UK were to rise by 75% in a decade we would have a population of 111 million in 2025 - so sorry, that is an example of a population "going through the roof".

    And extremism? Islam has its own system of law, Sharia law. Sharia law mandates death for apostates and blasphemy, death for gays, second class citizenship for non Muslim and women, and support for military Jihad. Most people would interpret those precepts as extreme. Muslims can of course explicitly state that they do not support those aspects of Sharia law but we are entitled to assume they accept them unless they do. Certainly I have never heard any mainstream cleric condemn these provisions. And 28% of Muslims in the UK are prepared to answer in an opinion survey that they definitely want to live under Sharia law.

    As for the prison population claim, well I doubt how many non-Muslims have the misconception that the jails are overflowing with Muslim terrorists. That's just one of those useful imputations that the BBC like to throw around in order to hide more relevant facts e.g. that Muslims are over-represented in prison by a factor of nearly three and that the vast majority of prisoners incarcerated for terrorism are drawn from the Muslim population.

    Part of the explanation for the larger proportion of Muslim prisoners in general may be there is a high proportion who are foreign nationals...but that just calls into question the official UK Muslim population total. Are all those foreign nationals being captured in the census data? I doubt it. The Muslim population in the UK is probably a lot larger than the census tells us.

  2. David Davis?
    Before he went large at the FA, he was a bland BBC monkey up north.
    Stuart Halls bag carrier in fact, with all the charisma of Tony Gubbas cress sandwich as commentated on by Elton Welsby( but he was ITV, a complete nomark).
    The son of Blobby in the picture above looks a bit creepy eh? if Savile had put his lipstick on in person!

  3. Listened to "Sunday" with posh Ed at the weekend.
    Absolute pish-nearly all banging on about the gay split at Lambeth,and old recipe for medieval chicken curry and why charity chuggers will be disadvantaged if they`re no longer allowed to send Dr Vulture round with a blank cheque book as the hospice van pulls us.
    I paraphrase...but not by much!
    Yet-for me-the one big story-binning the Easter cycle in favour of a fixed holiday-was not addressed.
    My opinion-if the Retail Associations, Thomas Cook, teaching unions and the State say it`s a good idea-then it`s not!
    I reckon it`s only to clear the decks for Islam to lead us round by the lunar cycle instead...the "Prophets Birthday" for example bounces round the calendar like a superball...and Islam will use this to set our calendars to suit themselves...and we`re dim enough to let that happen?
    Course we are


    You're a BBC journalist with an Iranian family background adn Iranian nationality. You are presumably intelligent and up to speed with current affairs, especially the fraught relations between Iran and the USA.

    Do you really just decide one week ahead of the flight, to make a visit to the USA with your child? Really? Either you are very, very stupid or there is some other purpose lurking there.

    The USA - who were subjected to an attack by people from the Muslim world that killed 3,000 of their people, traumatised millions, and came close to wrecking their economy - have every right to apply extreme caution in vetting travellers to their country.

  5. Listening to WATO today, I got the distinct impression that the BBC are bricking it and pulling back on their pro-migration bias - or at least trying to conduct an orderly retreat. They've suddenly realised (because their EU mates have told them) that uncontrolled mass migration is actually treatening the "European" project and facilitating the rise of the racist or nationalist right. But of course they have yet to alight on a realistic policy for controlling migration. The only realistic policy will be to adopt the Australian approach - processing illegal migrants at far away bases eg St Helena, French Guiana, Kerguelen or the Falklands, with the onus being on the migrants to show they are genuine refugees. The flow of migrants will soon dry up.


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