Thursday 14 January 2016

Look what Mario spotted!

Talking of DB...

He also spotted a BBC Trending article headlined Gaza medics back striking English junior doctors...:

...less than an hour after it was published, and sent the following tweet to the BBC journalist responsible for the piece, Mario Cacciottolo:

As you can see, Mario had tweeted about the piece himself to telling us all how it came about:

Fancy that!

Given that BBC Trending is supposed to report on major 'trends' in social media, this was hardly much of a 'trend', let alone yer actual news, was it? 

DB suggested as much to Mario.

Now, what was it about a tweet linking Gaza with the junior doctors' strike that first attracted BBC reporter Mario Cacciottolo to this story, as Mrs Merton might have asked)? 

Would the ever-trending hashtag #bbcbias help supply the answer?


  1. Super Mario already has an entry on Biased BBC's In their Own Tweets, viz.,

    Mario Cacciottolo ‎@m_cacciottolo

    Dear America. Your president is cool, witty and classy. Everyone likes you more when he's in charge. Love, The Rest of The World

    8:09 AM - 7 Nov 2012

    I'd say DB's hypothesis has legs.


  3. As with the defunct "Echo Chambers", BBC Trending is just a reflection of what left-wing Beeboids think is important. Nothing to do with management structure or executive pay.


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