Tuesday 12 January 2016

"You never talk about..."

I promise you this isn't me being satirical in the wake of some of the preceding posts. It actually happened on this morning's Woman's Hour (at 21:47 - h/t Sue). 

Cue Jane Garvey: 
Now, Woman's Hour tries very hard to please everyone listening - which, of course, is impossible. And we often get complaints saying we too much of one thing, not enough of another. But lately is has been a bit of a feature on Twitter at least that listeners have been in touch to say, "You never talk about bisexuality." So we're going to try and put that right this morning. 


  1. Did they ever get round to mentioning the mass assaults and rape attempts(or more than that, if we`re to be believed) on Womans Hour then?
    A massive pan-European scandal, building from Egypt and now a part of Western life?...after Rotherham, there seems to be a pattern here doesn`t there?
    Yet-as far as I know-zippo from the fearless Jenni and Jane!
    They get away with this because they can-but when the rest of the world is talking about this international crime against white women...the BBC want to sweep it all under the Persian rug.
    Well-as long as a sex-changing rapist gets to serve the sentence in Holloway eh?...oh, wait THAT one isn`t trending yet...so down the BBCs memory hole it goes.

  2. Do have a look at Newsnight's item on assaults in Germany and Sweden. Yet another egregious example of bias, with a post report studio discussion involving 3 pro-migration commentators (you might as well say 4 and included Evan Davies).

    Fraser Nelson abandoned all pretence at being an honest proponent of migration when he claimed the Rotheram style abuse in the UK was carried out by British born people and was therefore irrelevant to the discussion.

    I knew immediately this was a lie. Searching on asylum seekers in this context, my first google search came up with this:

    Lots of asylum seekers, foreign nationals and people NOT born in Britain have been involved in the abuse. The fact British born people - people who should have been integrated into our society - have taken part in this kaffir abuse, just makes it worse.

    Incidentally, this was another heroic effort on the part of the BBC as I think they managed to get through the whole thing without once mentioning the words Islam or Muslim (however I missed the first minute or so, so you never know).

    Also, I really object to the BBC trying to pass on blame to foreign police and foreign media for burying the story. The BBC have a number of correspondents based in Europe - specifically Germany, and also Scandinavia I think. What do these correspondents do all day (apart from listening to conspiracy theories passed on to them in Parisian bars and taxis that is)? Are the BBC saying their correspondents never talk to police officers off the record, or to ordinary citizens...never examine crime statistics...never go on social media and so have managed to remain blissfully unaware of these phenomena?

    1. What with that 'Woman's Hour' discussion, the BBC is really pulling out all the stops out at the moment, isn't it?

      Having three strongly pro-immigration guests says it all really.

      'Newsnight' would have been well aware of Fraser Nelson's pro-immigration views before inviting him on, so it wasn't an accident. He's not been shy about it:

      The unsayable truth about immigration: it's been a stunning success for Britain - The rise of far-Right extremism throughout Europe is at odds with our mood of tolerance


    2. The preceding report by Katie Razzell was OK up to the point where she interpolated her own choice of words in saying that "right wing groups" have engaged in "STEREOTYPING" by blaming the attacks on "cultural differences".

      At 5.50 - http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b06wcmdt/newsnight-12012016

    3. I find Nelson's articles increasingly deluded, disturbed and devious.

      Over the last few years our population growth (which the ONS has explained results from mass immigration and its consequences) has been running at something like 0.7%. Economic growth over the last 10 years has probably averaged something like 1.5% - so half that growth is wiped out by population growth.

      That's just for starters. The number of business visitors has more than doubled to 8 million over the last 10 years or so - probably an additional half a million people around at any one time who are also using up their share of GDP.

      Wherever you look at real indicators of economic well being - age at which people become first time buyers, size of residences, and average disposable income (by which I mean after the basic essentials, not just taxes and pension contributions as the ONS defines it), we are seeing significant declines in the standard of living.

      Huge amounts of our collective wealth are being sucked into welfare (housing benefits in particularly), income support, housing construction, transport infrastrcuture and the NHS, in order to keep the migration show on the road and sustain the low wage, low productivity, high population, asset stripping, seedcorn eating, debt mountain economy in place.

  3. And are we sure there isn't a Swedish-style problem in the UK?


  4. Wasn't there also a problem with some of the friends of Giles Fraser, aka as Occupy? I don't recall exactly: not sure if it occurred in the UK or USA.


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