Tuesday 12 January 2016

Saturday on BBC Radio 4

There's a very interesting piece by Jane Kelly of the Spectator and Salisbury Review over at The Conservative WomanFeminist BBC would rather canonise Bowie than admit the ugly truth of Cologne

Part of it records her monitoring of Saturday's coverage of the Cologne attacks on BBC Radio 4, some of which I'd like to share with you here whilst strongly urging you to read the whole piece (if you haven't already done so):
As evidence of the attacks in Cologne had mounted and over a hundred women complained to the police, the BBC had been forced to report the events. I spent Saturday listening out for their updated reports...... 
By 10 am we were back to BBC equivocations. Radio 4 news concentrated on far-right demonstrations in Cologne, after what they termed vaguely, ‘a night of crime in the city.’ They knew what crime it was but didn’t say, and also knew that it had not just happened in Cologne but right across northern Europe in what were suspected to be co-ordinated attacks. 
Then came the Woman’s Hour weekly roundup. The programme aims to, ‘give the female point of view.’ It’s a notoriously hard-left programme, often entering the realms of extreme silliness, but I was interested to hear what their take on Cologne would be. They didn’t mention it. That silence of course spoke volumes. For them, migrants being ‘victims,’ can do no wrong. If they do, it cannot be mentioned. 
At 12 noon a news report described the attacks in Europe as, ‘attacks on women by some migrants.’ 
The main news report was on mosques in Germany where imams were inviting non-Muslims in to read the Koran, ‘in the interest of cohesion.’ 
Later in the day, BBC news reports were taken up by the C of E fighting about gay rights again, this time accusing itself of not being kind enough to gays and trannies in the past. We were into futile historic breast-beating. No mention of events in Germany. Obviously the rights of heterosexual woman are lower in the pecking-order than those with, ‘gender issues,’ at least for the Left. 
By the early hours a complete retrenchment seemed to have taken place as a BBC voice referred to, ‘rare incidents such as the events on New Year’s Eve.’ 

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  1. There was a point a few years ago when at last immigration could be discussed in a mature way without the usual cries of racism shutting down any debate. I am not a UKIP supporter, but I will give Nigel Farage a great deal of credit for this, albeit short-lived, moment of clarity in the public discourse.In fact all the main parties at the last election were forced to address the issue. They may indeed, in some cases have been paying it little more than lip service for electoral reasons, but at least it was finally out in the open.

    However, since this so-called migration crisis we are back in the dark ages, where no dissent is permitted. The MSM with the BBC, as ever leading the charge, seem to have entered a phase of collective insanity - BBC journalists vying to out-grandstand each other with their ill-thought out moralising. The very same people have sought to suppress the truth about what happened in cologne and other cities. Telling the truth, which one would have supposed to be the function of a news service, was apparently less important than proselytising political dogma. In the same way, the journalists who tried to promote the idea that the migrants were mostly woman and children knew that they were lying to us. But of course they are morally superior to the rest of us. You only have to look at their earnest expressions in front of the camera.

    Rather than the attacks in Cologne being a gift for the extreme right, as some on the left have suggested, the whole migration crisis has been an opportunity for the liberal/left to once again block any opposition to mass immigration and forced multiculturalism. Cologne has been merely a reminder of the destructive stupidity of this position.


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