Thursday 14 January 2016

More anon-sourced blame-deflecting from Hugh Sykes?

Pace DB:

Here's the BBC's Hugh Sykes:

So let's get this straight....

Hugh meets a (nameless) woman at a demonstration and immediately decides, simply on the basis of his brief encounter, that she's an "honest woman". 

As Hugh 'knows for a fact' that she's an "honest woman" (despite not really knowing her), we're obviously supposed to take her unverified tale about a "Pegida man" (saying something unbelievably disgusting) on trust.


Now, if this anecdote ends up as part of a broadcast report from Hugh Sykes, then we'll be able to ask the following question: Is this what BBC journalism has sunk to these day?

Anyhow, "honest" now joins the word "respected" in Hugh's lexicon of anonymous authority.


  1. Hugh Sykes seems to have passed from the profession of journalism to something like that of the old fisherman on the beach who tells tales of mermaids and sea serpents.

  2. This is getting really silly now. I'm beginning to wonder if Hugh's alright.

  3. Seems quoting sauces.... sorry, sauces... all the rage.

  4. So Sykes says he met a woman, who said she's met a maan, who'd said something about German men...
    This is a 4th hand account, and he's claiming it's news?

  5. Err, and somehow this mystery McDonaalds man was able to reply to Sykes' point about Thailand even tho they had never met???

    Liar Sykes. You f*cking liar!!

  6. Seem to recall when politicians "quote" ordinary folk who support their views, the BBC's finest tend to be a tad cynical.

  7. That's our Hugh Sykes, always trying to deny the unwashed, knuckle-dragging masses permission for prejudice. Is journalism about anything else these days?


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