Thursday 14 January 2016

Free to campaign?

Talking of the BBC's editorial guidelines on Impartiality...

It looks as if there have been some recent changes to them. 

Last September we posted a piece, via DB, that quoted - and linked to - the BBC editorial guideline on Campaigns and Impartiality: 

That link no longer works, and if you read through the BBC's editorial guidelines now, from 4.4.1 through to 4.4.31, you'll notice a sudden leap from 4.4.19 to 4.4.22

In other words, two sections of the BBC's editorial guidelines - including the one on Campaigns - have gone missing: 

Why has that happened?


  1. Wonder if any BBC Staff will be let off the corporate leash to give us an account of why THEY would like us to leave the EU?
    Or are they all so pro-EU that nobody there would dare to leave the beehive to "campaign freely" on this issue?
    In that case-what does THAT tell us about the necessary groupthink required to work at the BBC in any capacity that involves talking to us-the public...some of who (so i`m told) might just want to leave the thing.
    Hard to believe I know-believe the BBC met one in Clacton in April.
    Methinks this is an issue that could well split the BBC...and maybe Tony hall needs to get a grip and make them all say the same thing for public consumption...lest we think the BBC is a divisive and satanic bunch of Islam shills and pig headed anti Semitic Labour tools.
    Hmmm...anybody told the BBC that their sainted Lefties Benn and Crow were BOTH anti the EU as well-guess that`s filed under "broad mosque" as opposed to "lethal splits" and "weak leadership" then?

  2. The BBC are playing catch-up on reality. Probably a bit worried about bias complaints being upheld. So they are starting to produce some context-free items which are reasonably factual, though still avoiding all mention of Islam, Muslims, Kaffirs, or Sharia law.

  3. Are our Police any better than the Swedish Police when it comes to covering up crimes?

    Why has it taken the best part of a month to release the assailant's picture?

  4. Will the BBC report the groping that went on at this "Refugees Welcome" event in Germany?

  5. Fear not, just because the Question Time producer was too scared to put in a question on the Cologne refugee assaults, doesn't mean that Any Questions wouldn't tackle the migration issue of the moment.

    There it was - a question about the Danish Government's Narzi plans to strip migrants of their valuables...


  6. Listened to the segment on The World Tonight (BBC Radio 4) re the latest position on the European migration crisis.

    I have to say I didn't find it terribly biased in a pro-migration way! Really!!! Yes - that's pretty remarkable for the BBC isn't it? You might even say remarkable. I don't normally listen to TWT - is it an oasis of cool sanity in the searing heat of the BBC pro-migration propaganda desert?

    There was a slightly tendentious report about what is currently going on at the Greek-Macedonian border. For instance the reporter repeated as fact that an Afghan refugee had been refused admission because of his "dark skin". And he didn't really explain how these migrants were surviving winter in such a location. However, it was not overtly biased or emote-heavy.

    I don't know who the presenter was but he seemed to recognise that this was a crisis and that the pro-migration tide had turned.

    There was a sober interview with a German MEP (ex AFD)dealing with the issues, non-confrontational and recognising the serious issues involved.

    Next up was the ubiquitous professional Irish Humanitarian Peter Sutherland but even he didn't sound like his heart was in it and the presenter didn't encourage to over-emote. However, for some reason the whole time he was talking I was thinking of Sepp Blatter.

    1. I'll give that a listen. The presenter appears to have been James Coomarasamy, who's generally a very good presenter.

      That report from the Greek-Macedonian border sounds like a version of Damian Grammaticas's report for BBC One's News at Ten. That had an unusual feature too (for the BBC): It didn't hide the fact that there are plenty of out-and-out economic migrants among all the 'refugees'.

  7. It's a shame we don't have a Bill Maher in the UK - his views are very much my own. But of course his speech - pro-liberty and human rights - would be considered hate speech at the BBC.

  8. I am so disgusted with the BBC I have now cancelled my Licence. Netflix from now on.


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