Sunday 14 May 2017

As I said, my opinions about Rebecca Long-Bailey will be set out on Tuesday

I was going to post something unbelievably interesting about Andrew Neil's interview with Labour's Rebecca Long-Bailey on today's The Sunday Politics but you will have to be patient and wait until Tuesday. 

Just a couple of days to go. Be patient!

As I said, my full views about Becky L-B's encounter with Andrew Neil will be set out after Sue and I have published our manifesto on Tuesday.

I know you're probably all dying to know exactly what I've got to say about her and her Sunday Politics interview today now, especially as it's going to be absolutely fascinating, however the detail will be set out in the ITBB manifesto so I'm not prepared to go into detail until my views about her and this particular interview are formally laid out on Tuesday.

Again, sorry dear reader, but I'm afraid I'd not going to comment on this Rebecca Long-Bailey interview. You will just have to be patient. My take will be set out in our manifesto on Tuesday. And it will be fully-costed, Andrew.


  1. Is there a single Labour Shadow type that is not certifiably, wafflingly, in clear terms, bonkers?

    I guess that question will be answered on Tuesday? Or not?

    1. You'll have to wait for the manifesto, Peter, to find out whether I will answer the question or not. You're going to have to be patient!

    2. RLB must surely be whisked back into the studio now, hopefully better briefed and with less noisy Spad paperwork to hand than that of John McChe?

  2. First off, I have to say it's beyond tiresome to hear journalists beating their chests over a politician not spelling out details of some policy a couple days before a manifesto is officially published. Nobody every reveals anything, yet every journalist acts as if this is some new affront, a shocking disdain for transparency, never before has any politician withheld so much from so many.

    Aside from that, if she affected a lisp, Long-Bailey's mewling would be indistinguishable from that of Lisa Nandy. Is it some requirement that the younger female Labour front benchers need to have the exact same voice timbre and accent?

    I expected to have more to say, but I'm finding it impossible to focus after hearing Long-Bailey state that a Labour Government would ensure that the debt they inherit from the Tories will be less when the next term ends than it is now. Is she insane? I'm shaking my head as I type this, seriously unable to listen to the rest of it. I don't think Andrew Neil's brain was able to register what she said, and just moved on as if it hadn't happened.


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