Sunday 14 May 2017

Sunday Breakfast Reading

The Sunday papers have arrived (online) and here is a digest of some of the BBC stories found therein.

The Sunday Telegraph has a piece by Simon Heffer on BBC bias. He defends the BBC over their Corbyn coverage (perhaps unsurprisingly) but goes on to tell a very short anecdote: 
A very senior BBC man told me that on the morning of June 24, as reality sank in, some in the studios were in tears.
Well, there's a surprise! (not). 

Talking of whom, it turns out that Nick Robinson isn't the only one to feel miffed. 

As Sue noted, Nick wasn't happy to get left off the BBC's election roster but, as the Sunday Times is reporting today, two of his fellow Today presenters are miffed at him for being 'sharp-elbowed':

The article also reveals a very 'BBC' fact about the programme: 

Also from The Sunday Times, it turns out that the BBC is making a new two-part documentary starring the famous Nadiya from The Great British Bake Off. It's about the hajj to Saudi Arabia:

Mecca has this almost-as-famous-as-Nadiya sign, of course: 

And, yet more from The Sunday Times....

Andrew Marr says he's "scared" what the art critics will say about his new post-stroke art exhibition. His stroke made his painting style change from "quietly representational" to "brightly coloured":

The ones in the background to this lovely photo (by Francesco Guidicini) look rather Matisse-like to my eyes - which is no bad thing. For what it's worth, I like them. 


  1. Imagine the fuss the BBC would make if a BBC reporter 'of colour' wasn't allowed into Atlanta or a protestant into Rome?

    What part of the BBC charter calls for it to be the PR arm of Islam? A religion that has nothing to do with child abuse but everything to do with baking!

    Anyone with eyes can see that there is a problem with Islam in the West yet the solution, EU-like, for the BBC is more Islam. At least BBC tell us the goal that you are working towards.

  2. If a couple of Today presenters were so upset at Robinson's 'sharp elbows' that they went crying to mommy, imagine the scene if the rumors prove true and Peston comes in.

  3. More anti-Corbyn bias (so the complaints will say) from Marr this morning in his interview with Emily "I've Never Seen Anything Like It" Thornberry. He kept quoting radical far-Left Corbyn statements and asked her to agree or disagree, and to explain how official Labour policies square with it. It's pretty easy to dodge that, although Thornberry didn't do the best job of it.

    All she really needed to do was say what Corbyn has said many times: he runs the party via the democratic process. If the majority want something he disagrees with, the party will go in that direction anyway. He did that with Brexit, more or less, with Trident, more or less, and with Scottish independence, more or less. It's not the greatest campaign platform, granted, but it's not difficult to deflect Marr's attempts to portray this as a Presidential election rather than a Parliamentary one.


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