Monday 1 May 2017

It's Almost Easter

Following Craig’s Bank Holiday Fun, I hope I’m not putting too much of a damper on Mark Steel’s amusing take on TFTD with another “It’s almost Easter” TFTD. (18-4-17) 
John Bell of the Iona Community frequently contributes to TFTD, unintentionally invoking Ivor Cutler.

However, the BBC’s attachment to John Bell is not much of a laughing matter.

“There is a role for idealists in limited situations. But problems arise when such do-gooders do not properly understand what lies behind mutual hatred, enduring antagonism between people, and conflicts in the name of one cause or another. And here, the Iona Community falls down spectacularly.” 

[...]“……the community has wittingly or unwittingly stumbled into the grasp of one of the most controversial anti-Israel and anti-Semitic alliances any Christian group could choose to enter.” 


  1. That TFTD features John Bell talking about "radical hospitality". That's very 'John Bell'.

  2. As I recall, Ivor Cutler was of a sunnier disposition that Mr. Bell.


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