Sunday 28 May 2017

James Landale, Twitter and fake news

The BBC's diplomatic correspondent James Landale sent out a tweet yesterday that 'went viral', going on to received over 18,000 re-tweets and even more 'likes':

The thread beneath his tweet began well for him, with The Media Show presenter Andrea Catherwood, among many others, joining in disapproval and mockery of the US president

Unfortunately, many others - some avowedly not Trump supporters - began pointing out that Trump almost certainly was wearing a translation device and later produced the photographic evidence to prove it. Andrea Catherwood at first refused to believe them and then, when the evidence became too conclusive, simply shut up and went away. (A story for a future edition of The Media Show maybe?)

James's tweet came to the attention of Sean 'Spicy' Spicer:

James Landale then sent forth a second tweet, which - it has to be said - received far, far, far fewer re-tweets and likes:

Unfortunately (for him), the comments below this second tweet won't have made for happy reading for the BBC's diplomatic correspondent. Here's a highly representative selection:
  • He does. I've seen him photographed with it. If I know that from published photos shouldn't a BBC journalist know that?
  • If he can't be objective instead of vindictive, maybe he ought to stick to covering children's soccer games.
  • It's embarrassing how journalists have allowed their partisanship to get in the way.
  • And look at the replies to your tweet. Do not complain when people call you fake news.
  • And he kept the fake news tweet up too. He's practising vindictiveness, not journalism.
  • But that didn't stop you before spreading nonsense?
  • I hate how this last election has turned every journalist into some "gotcha" activist, where they are only concerned about their politics.
  • You "reported" before inquiring. Solid work.
  • BBC is the CNN of Europe, spewing fake news 24/7.
  • Shouldn't he just quit and find a new line of work??   I mean it doesn't get lower than spreading Fake News like that.
  • An objective journalist would verify before tweeting this as fact (see: MLK Bust on day 1.) 
  • You actually thought that Trump ignores speeches?
  • Where is your apology for falsely stating President Trump did not have earpiece? Terrible journalism.
  • Apology for your insinuation will be forthcoming?
  • Say it with me, James. "I was wrong. I retract." You can do it!
  • You're fake news.

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  1. BBC - Fake News Central.

    Meanwhile on Radio 4's listening post as heartening tale of young Muslim refugee with a love of Shakespeare (well so it was claimed) befriending an ageing English expat (sadly he couldn't get over here from Calais...maybe he's thought of another way). The ageing English expat is thick and naive - just the way the BBC likes its non-Muslim contributors.


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