Sunday 21 May 2017

On Sunday

For those who subscribe to the view that Radio 4's Sunday represents 'liberal BBC bias' at its plainest (albeit with a religious tinge), then this morning's edition won't have come as too much of a surprise. It had:
(a) a couple of liberal Catholics sniggering at what Donald Trump might tweet after meeting the Pope.
(b) a gay atheist author writing about a gay Catholic poet.
(c) a conference seeking to counter the "widespread perception" that Muslims and archaeology don't go together.
(d) a liberal Muslim campaigning for a change in British divorce law.
(e) someone complaining that Ian Brady should be forgiven and given dignity in his funeral arrangements.
(f) a piece on pilgrimages that ended with the promotion of 'green pilgrimages'.
(g) a discussion of Three Girls between two Muslims who ticked off most of the familiar features of a particular narrative: the far-right; 'Asian' men'; how the abuse had no religious angle; how 'Asian' girls have been abused too; how Muslim taxi drivers have been made to feel uncomfortable, etc. 

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