Tuesday 2 May 2017

Filling in some gaps

I’ll have to tell you about things the BBC hasn't covered, or has covered unsatisfactorily.

Remember last October when UNESCO passed a resolution that re-wrote history, denying "thousands of years of Jewish ties to Jerusalem" ? 
Well the bad news is that hey’ve just passed another one; the good news is that this time the vote wasn’t unanimous. 
“22 countries vote in favor of motion; 23 abstain, and 10 countries vote against; Israel envoy slams ‘new low, even by UNESCO standards’ “

If you’re interested, here’s how the voting went. Note: the UK voted against.


The BBC has been headlining with news of Hamas’s new moderate position. Well, no, that’s not quite true. Hamas hasn’t altered the charter.   
They've issued a new policy alongside the old charter to persuade the media that they’re no longer terrorists. They’re reformed, and are now willing to accept the creation of a Palestinian state - with Jerusalem as its capital - according to the indefensible pre 1967 ‘borders’  as long as Palestinian refugees have the right of return, and oh yes, another one … that the Zionist project gets the hell out of Arab lands. (Even Yolande Knell concedes that) 
They’ve stopped mentioning their affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, which Egypt has outlawed, and they’ve decided that they’re not antisemitic, only anti-Zionist. If it works for Ken, why not?


It’s odd that the BBC didn’t cover that May Day demonstration, where the crowd paraded with banners and flags decorated with the hammer and sickle (get one on Amazon: £3. free delivery) and a huge image of Stalin. John McDonnell spoke to an adoring, chanting audience of commies and antisemites. 
Lots of coverage online, but the BBC didn’t show any interest.  


  1. When members of the British left continued to support Stalin through the forties and fifties they were essentially idiots. To parade pictures of him around in a May Day march in 2017 goes far beyond mere idiocy. What a perfect demonstration of the contemptible nature of some of the people behind Corbyn.

    Can we expect to see these morons satirised in the next edition of the News Quiz?

    1. The BBC recently sent a clearly smitten reporter around the world to 'interview' the brother of a certain iconic T shirt chappie. The most damning insight being he was a real joker.

      The BBC seem to have a problem with accurate, comprehensive information and education.

      Clearly some stil only watch the BBC.

    2. Yes, I too was somewhat nonplussed with feature on Che Guevara. whose most significant characteristic in the mind of the interviewer seemed to be that he was “cool”. I thought we had left all that late sixties silliness behind. Clearly I was wrong.
      Maybe I am trying too hard to see bias, but it did occur to me that the whole exercise might have had something to do with the forthcoming election and the giving a far left Labour Party a bit of glamour by association.

  2. Historians think Stalin killed somewhere in the region of 15 to 20 million non combatants / civilians during the Second World War and his rule afterwards. I just don't get how people can square that away and think it's appropriate to wave a flag with his or Mao image.

    Especially when the same people would protest very strongly about an 18th century slave dealer still having his name on a theatre.

  3. The Hamas story is a good example of BBC Fake News and false narrative peddling. The BBC states: "The 1988 charter was condemned for its anti-Jewish language." This implies the charter has been abandoned, since otherwise surely the charter would still be condemned by all right thinking people. And also, the phrase "anti-Jewish language" doesn't begin to do justice to the virulent, pathological hatred to be found therein.

    It's an almost childish ploy by the BBC. But of course it will work with those who are unfamiliar with Hamas's history or trust the BBC.

  4. Interesting that Ukraine voted No. A couple years ago the BBC sent some black athlete around to frighten the public about how racist they were before some soccer tournament. Apparently Blacks and Jews should have feared for their lives if they had visited the Ukraine (and Poland).

    Yet, humanitarian, liberal, Progressive, beacon of fairness and equality to all humanity Sweden voted against the Jews.

    As for Senegal being on the anti-Jew side, all the Senegalese immigrants to the US I know personally - Muslims to a man and woman - are not anti-Semitic and know corruption and filth when they see it.


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