Saturday 13 May 2017

Self-selecting audience

Oh dear. Did anyone listen to this week’s Any Questions from Scarborough? “Mostly Leave voters,” said Jonathan Dimbles. 
The applause from the floor for Diane Abbott was uproarious  - every single time she opened her mouth - whoops and cat-calls, that kind of thing. It got so extreme that Dimbles had to assure the listeners at home that it was a ‘self-selecting’ audience. “We didn’t ask about their political persuasion beforehand, honest we didn’t” he pleaded, almost apologetically. 
He must be more aware of all those accusations of biased or rigged audiences than we thought.

That audience evidently consisted of 99% Corbynistas. Somehow. Maybe they should start asking, like they do on Question Time. Not that it seems to have the desired effect (whatever that is)

Diane Abbott seems to have turned her LBC car crash interview into a kind of badge of honour. “Of course I’ve done my figures” she giggled, “I always do” as though being made to look an absolute fool is a virtue.  All publicity is good, in politics, is what she probably believes, and she might be right.


  1. The BBC is a £5 billion organisation. The idea they can't arrange for balanced audiences at their premier question time programmes on radio and TV, so that they which reflect actual opinion and voting intention is completely risible. It's just not a priority for them, because that would not deliver the sort of audiences they like.

  2. The only explanation must surely be that Danny Cohen's ghost still haunts the BBC's commissioning, and they are gearing up for 'Strictly Di Dancing' as a feminine spin off from 'The Balls Tango Years'.

    It is how political fortunes are forged. Apparently.


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