Saturday 13 May 2017


Talking of Newsnight (as someone somewhere must have been), opinions appear to be divided over last night's 'Where's Andrea Leadsom?' report from John Sweeney - the one where he repeatedly bellows her name very loudly on a Cornish beach. (I bet even Sue heard him from the other side of the county).

Some called it 'hilarious', 'excellent', 'a great piece of reporting', and claimed that the Roaring One had showed up both the stage-managed Tory campaign and 'the Brexit Queen' Mrs Leadsom herself. 

Others, however, called it 'unfunny', 'laboured', 'very embarrassing' and 'sh*t journalism', 'an absolute waste of airtime', and a sign of 'increasingly low standards' - though perhaps the most frequent complaint was that it was an absolute waste of money, what with Our John motoring half way across the country and back (probably quite literally) in hot pursuit of the allegedly 'missing' Tory minister. ("Who the fu*k commissioned th*s complete and utter waste of money?", tw**ted one.)

Please ready your chuckle muscles and judge for yourselves...


  1. WTF - only made it to the beach shouting bit, so she's twitting her wareabouts hardly disappeared!

    1. Her Twitter feed shows her going all over the place and posing for photos with people. Not bad for a woman 'in hiding'.

  2. Are you sure this wasn't something from This Week, or even one of the BBC's faux-reality show comedies? Sweeney is dire, but this was insanely bad.

  3. Reminded me of Johnny Morris.


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