Sunday 22 December 2019

Alas, poor Biggins!

Dame: My husband fell into a huge vat of granulated coffee and was never seen again. It was a terrible way to go but at least it was instant.

Mark Mardell told Paddy this morning about a festive feature coming up on today's The World This Weekend:
'He's behind you! Oh no she isn't!'. In these gender-fluid days why pantomime is doing less cross-dressing.
Oh Gawd! Isn't it tempting to follow Snow White is into a ‘sleeping death’ till this nonsense passes? 

What do you mean you've never heard of ‘sleeping death’? You’ve obviously never listened to Radio 4's Sunday programme. 

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  1. If gender fluid is such a "thing" as the young ones say these days, then why are there so few gender-fluid persons working upfront in news and current affairs of have I missed something when it comes Marcia Mardell and Joanna Simpson?


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