Sunday 29 December 2019

What's in a name?

Talking of identity (were we?), The Sunday Times, covering that interview with Charles Moore's transgender nephew Felix, failed to identify Justin Webb, who actually conducted the interview:
After being read the quote by Nick Robinson, the Today presenter, Felix Moore, an actor who has appeared in BBC Radio 3’s Olivier award-winning drama Rotterdam about gender identity, paused for a few seconds.
Amusingly (is it?), that Sunday Times piece has a two-woman byline - "Alice Hutton and Lucy Marley" - so that's two journalists who can't tell their Justin Webb from their Nick Robinson. 

(Unless, of course, Justin Webb now self-identifies as 'Nick Robinson' - which would be very confusing for all concerned).


  1. Can we find out how many bbc staffers took flights over the last 12 months?

  2. Unk - Jolly, or pure pleasure?

    I recall Huw 'Champion of Champions' was a bit miffed when his bronzed visage in some far flung holiday destination coincided with a BBC eco-digit wobble and someone may have posted his proud non-offset tweet on the office thread for all to savour.


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