Saturday 21 December 2019

T'was the 'Sunday' before Christmas

I see that Radio 4's Sunday is posting some promotional tweets for tomorrow's programme, such as:
Why are some evangelical Christians now calling for the removal of Donald Trump? Mark I. Pinsky is on the programme to explain. 
Who is the 'explainer'? Well, he's the sort of 'explainer' who tweets "What will the pundits do when they run out of euphemisms for asshole?" about the present incumbent of the White House.

(Reading his Twitter feed, I think Jon Sopel and Tony the Zurch would love him, if they don't already). 

Oh, and as it's nearly Christmas, it's time for a BBC Radio 4 tradition. Another promotional tweet from tomorrow's Sunday promises us this:
On this weeks @BBCR4Sunday Christians living in the Gaza strip will not be able to travel to Bethlehem to celebrate Christmas this year. We hear why as Emily Buchanan speaks to Christians living there about some of the challenges they face #Bethlehem.
If that doesn't result in Israel being blamed I'll eat Jeremy Corbyn's non-Newsnight-enhanced Leninist cap.

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