Thursday 19 December 2019

From 'The Other Place'

And now I think we can cross over to our Radio 5 Live correspondent....

Chiles once again proving he’s worth every penny of the licence fee and upholding the values and respect that embodies the BBC…I’d swear he broadcasts from down the pub with his BBC mates as he spouts sh*te that you’d only say to those who you knew had the same mindset….surely he’s not under any editorial control or supervision? All we get is a stream of cheap, low-rent comment and ‘analysis’ that are mostly anti-Tory smears and sneers.
Today he targeted Dominic Cummings…apparently ‘It’s very worrying that he has so much power’ and ‘He needs putting back in his box’.
Fortunately his guests were having none of that and put Chiles back in his box……no fans of Cummings but prepared to speak sensibly about him….reminding Chiles that Cummings didn’t care about the Westminster bubble, he was only interested in ‘real life’ and getting things done….a good thing you might have thought.
Chiles decided to attack from a different angle claiming, laughably, that Cummings didn’t do detail and that he wasn’t interested in foreign policy. Anyone who knew the slightest thing about Cummings would know he’s all about detail and that he is a prime mover on some issues relating to foreign policy, not least Brexit,…and the guests smacked Chiles down immediately saying ‘Actually he is interested in foreign policy’…Chiles muttered a quick ‘Sorry I must be mistaken’
Sheer ignorance, wilful ignorance, and prejudice from Chiles who clearly was expecting his fellow media pundits would be of the same mindset as him and would go along with his hatchet job…got a bit of a surprise when it didn’t pan out like that.
Chiles tried a similar cheap, lazy and ignorant attack on Boris last week as he claimed Boris didn’t do detail and didn’t know anything about the Middle East and thus how could he be PM!? Got smacked down there too. He just doesn’t learn…and doesn’t bother to do his homework….Chiles is the classic case of a BBC liberal who thinks that the whole world thinks like him and his worldview is the only correct and righteous one possible….Only to be horribly disabused of that delusion again and again…and yet never learning from the lessons handed out to him. Then again he is a West Brom fan…so hope lives eternal.

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