Saturday 21 December 2019

Tempting fate

Literally, about a quarter of an hour after Sue wrote, "Come to think of it I haven’t noticed as many of the traditional yuletide Palestine-victimhood stunts this year. Wot, no Banksy? No Lucy Winkett? No Danny Boyle? What’s going on?", the BBC News (UK) Twitter feed announced a brand new BBC News website article: 


  1. I'm sure Jeremy Corbyn won't find it anti-semitic. So that's OK, then.

    1. Using Banksy's logic that must mean that Joseph was going to launch a suicide bomb attack on Mary and Baby Jesus, which seems improbable as high explosives hadn't been invented at that point...either that or Banksy doesn't care about the loss of Jewish lives in such attacks. That seems much more likely.

    2. Sorry, just realised the separation barrier is by them not down the middle of the manger scene!

    3. It's a confusing article anyway. I was looking for graffiti of the words Love and Peace which it refers to but I couldn't see them. And the hotel is a collaboration with the artist. What?

  2. Is the BBC trying to maintain the monetary value of the 'Banksy' brand?

    How do the rest of us get on the Disney, Apple and Banksy free promotion list?

  3. I posed a question as to whether the penetration was actually from a round, and from which direction, or an errant Grad shrapnel, again from which side.

    No replies as yet.


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