Tuesday 31 December 2019

Coming to a Boyle

If you missed Frankie Boyle's New World Order: 2019 here's a selection of the jokes:
  • Donald Trump will be running in 2020, sadly not from a pack of dogs.
  • Boris Johnson: a man who looks like Hitler's DNA had been injected into a panna cotta.
  • [On Prince Andrew]: The rapist formerly known as Prince. 
Twitter has divided between those who say Frankie's no longer funny and those who say that those saying Frankie's no longer funny are a bunch of right-wing snowflakes. 

I'm sure the BBC will be commissioning another series from him in 2020. Happy New Year!


  1. There is a tedious predictability about humour based entirely upon trying to be shocking and Frankie Boyle must have realised early on that making hurtful comments about young female athletes wasn’t going to earn him any brownie points. Pandering to the kind of idiots who shout fascist at at anyone who disagrees with them is probably the only place he has to go.

    1. It wasn't just athletes he mocked, but also people with Down's and other disabilities.

      His career was going into freefall as PC culture took hold...so he latched on to PC politics as an acceptable channel for his venom, now directed at "the Right".

      The BBC is always ready to welcome a repentant sinner if they think it can help them quicken their cultural tide. But for those who fail to repent - the David Bellamies of this world - there can be no redemption, only eternal damnation.

    2. MB - you have got me thinking who has been cast into the wilderness for not bowing to BBC ideology. I can come up with:

      David Bellamy
      Carol Thatcher
      Lee Hurst
      Danny Baker
      Jeremy Clarkson

      I’m not including:
      Richard Bacon
      Jonathan Ross
      because both have been welcomed back after re-programming and training.

    3. It might be difficult to credit it now, but the BBC offered Tommy Robinson the (very lucrative) path of the repentant sinner ...TR actually did a BBC "documentary" with Mo Ansar, which wasn't a take-down documentary...it was meant to be "Tommy seeing the PC light and hugging Bro Mo.".


      Had TR played ball, we could be seeing him popping up everywhere on our screens, the new Adrian Chiles.

      Tommy trolled them, and so from then on he was very much a marked man as far as the BBC was concerned.

      Now he is virtually a non-person, Soviet-style.


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