Sunday 29 December 2019

With a little help from his friends

I see that Roger Harrabin has taken to Twitter to retweet other people's criticism of Matt Ridley and Charles Moore in the wake of yesterday's Today programme. I count nine such posts from Roger (so far). One is from the head of the Green Alliance UK.


  1. Proof that Twitter operates as an echo chamber. He only retweets like minded comments. ‘What’s wrong with these people’ they all think. ‘Don’t they understand that we have decided that the science is settled.

    I’ve always thought that it’s quite a cowardly way to address criticism - give your response through a third party.

  2. Roger Harrabin is not an expert on climate change... he merely parrots received "wisdom" from the propagandists dependent on funding to substantiate their positions in the climate change bubble.

    Charles Moore sees things realistically and is open minded while Roger Harrabin only wants to see things that reinforce his own opinions and has closed his mind to any challenges to those opinions. All scientists should be sceptical about science as without challenges to received wisdom, we would learn nothing new and never learn that what scientists told us in the past has been proved to be wrong. Climate change has become a religious cult where belief is more important than facts and facts that prove the cult has made errors are to be ignored and treated as heresy.

  3. I'd have much more respect for Harrabin if I'd ever heard him say: "Land is either rising or falling everywhere on the planet, owing to various geological processes. It is therefore difficult to determine where and whether we are losing islands because of rising sea levels." or "The temperatures we are seeing currently in Australia are not the highest ever recorded by a long way."

    Harrabin is a highly politicised creature, mourning the loss of useless Labour MP Mary Creagh:

    He didn't mention Zac Goldsmith as a sad loss to Greenery until others reminded him...

    1. The spectre of rising sea levels is one of the scare stories that seem not to fit any of the facts. Sea levels are rising very slowly and have done so consistently for the past century. In Europe and North America, land is still rising very little in the parts formerly glaciated.

      No where has rising sea levels reduced land areas. The Maldives continue to be developed with hotels and resorts in areas predicted to have been drowned by the sea 30 years ago.
      The Dutch aren't worried about sea levels. Reality which doesn't match the propaganda is ignored - air brushed from the narrative. Roger Harrabin doesn't report on issues that indicate that his version of "reality" is somewhat exaggerated or even plain wrong.


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