Thursday 19 December 2019

Rob's recommended reading

Well, blow me down with a very small feather!: The FT comes out in support of the BBC. (The Archbishop of Canterbury will come out as an Anglican next):

The liberal, pro-EU paper writes:
Britain has thus far avoided US-style hyper-partisanship. This is in large part thanks to the BBC, which still dominates UK political coverage, while arguing it is possible to provide a forum for non-partisan news, in which all sides are given a fair hearing. 
This ideal of open debate is more important than ever in an era when social media encourages people to stay inside their own political bubbles, and to dismiss all discordant stories as “fake news”. If the Johnson government now goes after the BBC in a spirit of partisan spite it will not heal Britain’s wounds. It will deepen them.


  1. To read that, you'd think the BBC have never demonised anyone...Donald Trump, Viktor Orban, Boris Johnson,Tommy Robinson, Dominic Cummings, Nigel Farage, Gerard Batten, Anne-Marie Waters, Katey Hopkins, Rupert Murdoch - the list of official demonisations by the BBC is extremely long! I could go on for another hour. You'll notice there are no demonisations towards the left.

  2. Hell will freeze over and Mo will take to the skies on his flying horse before the Archbishop will come out as an Anglian!


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