Monday 30 December 2019

"Something monstrous"

On the Today Programme, some of which I listened to ‘despite Greta’, two brief slots addressed the rise in antisemitism. The first item, at 12:56, introduced the phrase ‘the mainstreaming of hate-speech.’ It popped up during a conversation between Aleem Maqbool and Sarah Smith.

(I noticed that Sarah Smith got the 'antisemitism' gig this time rather than Mishal Husain)

Later, at about 1:09, Sarah spoke to the  President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews about the graffiti in London. Marie van der Zyl had the figures to hand (pretty alarming) - but she insisted it’s rare to see this kind of thing in London. 

“Why do you think it is that we’re seeing an increase?” asked Sarah, “…a rise in hate crime against different groups?”

Okay, we can see where this is going.

“In society, we need to be clear that anti-Jewish racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, homophobia and prejudice of any kind is not acceptable in our society” waffled Ms van der Zyl. “Simon Shama said ‘something monstrous is rising out of the slime’ and this really has to be addressed by society,” she went on. “This (Global problem) coincides with the rise in populism and world leaders must ….” she continued limply. 

Last summer this particular lady was exchanging tetchy letters with Jeremy Corbyn. Now she’s actually turned into Jeremy Corbyn. 

 Simon Maier tweeted: 
“Just listened to this. She’s not a good or sufficiently strong mouthpiece for Board of Deputies or the community. Each question was answered vaguely and with lack of spirit. This is a time for best mouthpieces and irrefutable argument.”

I quite agree. If this weak mouthpiece is really representative of British Jews, we might as well give in now.


  1. Today, this morning, Maqbool, another gatekeeper for those who refuse to acknowledge true stuff, said that the stabbings in New York were possibly due to the 'tone coming from the Whitehouse'.

    How a black bloke stabbing 5 New York Jews can be linked to Trump would be interesting to hear. Come on you overpaid hack, explain your premise from start to finish. Just for once, BBC.

    Especially as there is quite some recent history in NY with black people attacking Jews. Nation Of Islam rather than Trump perhaps ?

    The progressives really need to get their stuff together and start acknowledging the possibility of painful truths.

    1. There are several excellent threads and blogposts on the topic of black antisemitism on the Elder of Ziyon blog.

      I was going to write about it earlier but i didn’t get round to it


      Oh, the torture. To report or not, BBC ? Kebab. Pills. Men. Oh my.

  2. ITV News were linking the "Far Right" to the anti-semitic graffiti in North London.

    Does anyone know if there is any basis for that, or - like the BBC (who have tried to make out the anti-semitic attacks in New York were motivated by white supremacism, whereas the truth is that African-Americans were involved)- are they leading their audience to the wrong conclusion in similar fashion?

    1. I’m sure they are. By using a tactic from your festive 50.

  3. Van der Zyl makes a fatal concession as soon as she links Islamophobia and Homophobia to anti-semitism in a mish-mash conceptual framework.

    Islamophobia implicitly accepts that Muslims are a persecuted people and that Islam is a religion of peace. One you accept both those premises, defending Israel becomes much more difficult and you have no explanation for why Jews have had to leave virtually every Muslim majority country (apart from it being a Mossad plot to make them leave, as Islamic propagandists would have it). In fact, you invite anti-semitism over the threshold.

    As for Homophobia, well many Orthodox Jewish groups are "homophobic" as understood today, for sure. So, again, this is just to invite anti-semitism, by idenitifying Homophobia with Judaism.


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