Sunday 22 December 2019


Reading Rod Liddle's column in The Sunday Times, I see that Nish Kumar is to host the next series of Radio 4's The News Quiz. 

Rod reckons that he ticks a that "like seemingly every other comedian employed by the corporation, he is about as funny as kidney stones or gas gangrene of the shin". 

You may recall that the left-wing comic did his act (i.e. a political rant) at a charity event recently. Not being in front of the usual obliging Radio 4 audience, he bombed badly and ended up getting booed and breadrolled (if it's possible to make a verb out of 'bread roll'). What you may not know is that he got booed again at a comedy show last Monday night, in Brighton of all places. 

It's turning tough beyond the BBC bubble it seems.

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