Friday 19 November 2021

BBC Trending...and Not Trending

It's quite a staggering thing, when you stand back and think about it, that the leading lights of BBC Trending [many of whom are now involved with the BBC's Disinformation Unit] expended so much time and energy over the past few years exploring every nook and cranny of crazy right-wing social media-promoted conspiracy theories like QAnon, vigorously debunking them as they went, whilst simultaneously failing to explore probably the most powerful, influential and disruptive conspiracy theory of recent times - the claims in the fraudulent Steele Dossier that Putin's Russia held blackmail leverage over Donald Trump. 

This crazy Democratic Party-inspired conspiracy theory was actually believed in, given credence by and promoted by whole swathes of the mainstream media, including the BBC - despite it being, quite literally, 'fake news'. 

This is what happens though when bias runs deep in a media organisation. 

The disinformation in this case came from 'their own side', so they weren't inclined to disbelieve it. And as a result they missed it and failed at their job. 

And we mustn't forget that ''these are the people in media who believe they should have the power to decree what is True and False, and censor you from expressing your views and beliefs on the ground that they have declared it to be Fake or Disinformation.''

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